Since October of 1996, we began to list the names of our audience members who correctly guessed the murderer (or murderers) and won the prize for the show (and we apologize to all our earlier winners...but we didn't keep records of your names).


January 2, 2010: Best way to start the new year is an evening at YOUNG ISRAEL OF KEW GARDENS HILLS where the real Fabian is and the real Ace Detective is TZI FISHER!

January 16, 2010: The school fundraiser at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn was more fun when MARIO FARMAKIS became Ace Detective!

January 22, 2010: Who killed Peggy Sue? Well only Ace Detective CARRIE MAXWELL at VILLA UMBERTO in Elmont knows that one!

January 23, 2010: And at THE THAYER HOTEL at West Point, the Sockhop really rocked when we found out that Dee Dee done do it - we mean DEE DEE COLABELLA, our latest Ace Detective!

January 29, 2010: Who cares about "The Biggest Loser" when at RICCARDO's in Astoria we have NICK DUBOVICI as our Ace Detective!"

February 5, 2010: So BILL KENDALL turn's 30, and WEBB EAKEN turns Ace Detective!

February 6, 2010: Mahzel Tov - to JUSTIN EVRON on his Bar Mitzvah and to ROB DOWLER on his Ace Detective!

February 6, 2010: At THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI, those internet scams can't see through the love of Ace Detective KAITLYN MIMNAUGH!

February 13, 2010: Gotta love it - he really is James Bond, he really is an Ace Detective, and he really is ALAN LIEBER from the NEW YORK FBI CITIZENS ACADEMY!

February 16, 2010: When he's not solving crimes, Ace Detective ED BALLO from MULCARE PIPING SOLUTIONS is hydrating!

February 19, 2010: The apple didn't fall far from the tree on FREDDIE MEYERS' 38th birthday because he and his Dad (another FRED) are Ace Detectives!

February 20, 2010: Mardi Gras brought out the beads at THE THAYER HOTEL at West Pont and brought out SUE S. as our latest Ace Detective!

February 27, 2010: Confession is good for the soul and for COLLEN DERMODY it is was also good for becoming an Ace Detective at SACRED HEART SCHOOL in Bayside!

March 13, 2010: The luck of the Irish was with us and with LARRY W. because we made it to the show despite the downed trees and wires and he became an Ace Detective!

March 19, 2010: In solving crimes, Ace Detective ARLENE KUTZ once again showed "Service Above Self" for ROTARY DISTRICT 7210 in Hudson Valley!

March 20, 2010: There was no "Oscar Curse" for LINDA TROMBLAY at VILLA UMBERTO in Elmont and she is a Best Ace Detective!

March 27, 2010: It was "The Last Dance" for the killer thanks to TOM SAMPUGNATO who solved our Disco murder at THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point and became our latest Ace Detetective!

April 8, 2010: THOMAS PRAGIAS from Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Merrick helped raise donations to the Ocala Mission for THE GREEK ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL OF ST. PAUL and that's why he's an Ace Detective!

April 10, 2010: We were shocked to discover that RAY WEST was not only the new Advisor to the LOCAL UNION 3, INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS but he's also their Ace Detective!

April 18, 2010: Mazel Tov JARED COHEN and congratulations to Ace Detective JULIA BALDASSARRE at Jared's Bar Mitzvah at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn!

April 19, 2010: Fresh ideas and grown up thinking made KATE GOLDSMITH an Ace Detective for MR YOUTH!

May 15, 2010: Maybe he wasn't voted King Of The Prom at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn but ANTHONY GARCIA made it to Ace Detective!

May 21. 2010: No rehab for JOANNA KILBY at RICCARDO'S in Astoria because she's now an Ace Detective!

May 29, 2010: Ever since High School, HOWARD GREEN knew that SHELLY BITKOWER would one day be his Ace Detective!

June 5, 2010: Heidi and Spencer couldn't fool PEGGY BLIGH at LOUIS SEAFOOD in Throggs Neck and now she's an Ace Detective!

June 15, 2010: MADELAINE HEBRANKO from H&R BLOCK knows how to "Get Results" and now she's an Ace Detective!

June 19, 2010: Women in prison don't have a chance at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn with Ace Detective RUSSELL WEINTRAUB putting them back in chains!

June 23, 2010: MICHAEL GERSCH may be retiring from the NYC DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION but Ace Detective JUDY LABARBARA is still around to teach us how to solve a crime!

July 10, 2010: And at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, all star W.R. MILLER joined the roster of Ace Detectives!

July 14, 2010: The BA DA BING BA DA BANG group (Fay, Enza, Adriana, Cathy & Michael) took care of business and are now Ace Detectives of MITSUBISHI INTERNATIONAL FOOD INGREDIENTS!

July 17, 2010: Serving the children around the world was Ace Detective PETE EZZO for the LEVITTOWN KIWANIS!

July 24, 2010: All of the ranting and raving of "Mad Max" couldn't stop Ace Detective DIANE LUVERT from solving the murder at VILLA UMBERTO in Elmont!

August 5, 2010: At the Summer Intern Dinner, Ace Detective TIM GORDON of ALLEN & OVERY made sure that there is "justice around the world"!

August 14, 2010: The "Jersey Shore" casts never had a chance at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn with Ace Detective JENNIFER LIBERTINE keeping order!

October 2, 2010: RICHARD RAMIREZ saw right through Heidi and Spencer and became our Oktoberfest Ace Detective at RICCARDO's in Astoria!

October 9, 2010: PEGGY RAMSEY made her debut as Ace Detective as we made our debut at THE KNIGHTS INN in Newburgh!

October 16, 2010: She made an "Ace Shot" at BONNIE BRIAR COUNTRY CLUB and now GRACE FEIGHERY is an Ace Detective!

October 28, 2010: Since she became an Ace Detective, ANNA ARREGALDO is now the RAVE of CDM at ROCHE PHARMACEUTICALS in Nutley, New Jersey!

October 29, 2010: CYNTHIA RICH thanked everyone for making her an Ace Detective and a "trophy wife" at VILLA UMBERTO in Elmont!

October 30, 2010: It was no trick but a real treat to have SANDRA CHASSE be our latest Ace Detective at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn!

November 13, 2010: To celebrate our 17th year, REBECCA O'BRIEN was elected as Ace Detective at THE KNIGHTS INN in Newburgh!

November 17, 2010: At SHEFFIELD BIO-SCIENCE in Norwich, New York, we discovered that SVENGHVI is the best Ace Detective and proving it every day!

December 4, 2010: DENISE VAN HINE now runs the Ace Detective empire at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn!

December 6, 2010: Congratulations - first to CHRISTINE TEIGEN on her birthday and then to SALAMISHAH TLLET for winning our Ace Detective - and thank you recording artist, musician and actor JOHN LEGEND for having The Killing Kompany perform for the event.

December 11, 2010: He beat the holiday crowd and everyone else at LOUIS SEAFOOD in the Bronx and now OLU ADENEKAN is an Ace Detective!

December 15, 2010: GEORGE & ELLEN made a perfect fit as our "Snuggie" Ace Detectives of ALLSTAR PRODUCTS GROUP!

December 17, 2010: And when we performed a daytime holiday show for MAIDENFORM, the night before we dreamed that Team 13 "The Resourcefuls" would be our Ace Detectives in our.....Flexees!

December 18, 2010: Our last public show for the 2010 season was at THE KNIGHTS INN in Newburgh, where HAYLEY LAURITSEN not only won our Ace Detective but got to pinch the New York State Police Lieutenant's butt!


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