January 11, 2006: Yes, you get more from life at T MOBILE, and you'll get even more from the Ace Detective team of EDDIE'S ANGELS & DOUBLE D'S (a/k/a Lindy, Jim, Ralph, Gary, Marsha, Hans, Arvind, Gregg, Ann & Steve)!

January 15, 2006: But at THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point, LIZ SCARNATI was transformed from a WHUD Winner to an Ace Detective!

January 21, 2006: She may not have made the Olympic team, but when she came to THE VIEWS AT MT FUJI in Hillburn, STEPHANIE ONORATO easily made the Ace Detective team!

January 27, 2006: It wasn't a murder mystery, it was a game show, and we had so many winners and so much fun that we just wanted to say Happy Ace Detective Day to all our winners at the ISLAND FEUD!

January 28, 2006: To solve murders at THE COUNTRY CLUB OF DARIEN, it helps if you're still in High School - right Ace Detective LINDY KNIGHT?

February 7, 2006: Communications is their business at SPS but solving murders is the business of the Ace Detective Team BA DA BING a/k/a David, Jim, Paul, Frank, Anne, Mike, Ron & Kelly!

February 9, 2006: For the dinner of QUEENS BOROUGH chapter of THE ROTARY CLUB held at RICCARDO'S in Astoria, it was easy to get CHARLIE JACKSHIES to volunteer as Ace Detective!

February 10, 2006: To some, he is their Bloody Valentine, but at PIER ONE in Bayville, BILL CORREA is their Ace Detective!

February 11, 2006: A foot of snow couldn't stop the mayhem at the wedding at MARJEANE'S in Pennsylvania but Ace Detective CHRIS BELAC found a way!

February 17, 2006: For Mardi Gras at PAPA RAZZI in Westbury, COLLEEN BIARRA may run for Mayor of New Orleans, now that she is an Ace Detective!

February 18, 2006: And at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hilburn, TYLER PETERSON is not only an Ace Detective, he's the new acting director of FEMA!

February 19, 2006: She didn't flash us for beads like her friend did, but we have a different flash for THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point - SANDRA FISCHER is now an Ace Detective!

February 24, 2006: Rather than go for the Olympic gold at RICCARDO'S in Astoria - DORI MARANON went for the Ace Detective!

February 25, 2006: We celebrated 10 years at the NORTH POINTE CULTURAL ARTS CENTER as well as the crowning of KAREN BREW as Ace Detective!

March 3 - 5, 2006: Three strikes and the killers are out at the special murder mystery weekend at THE THAYER HOTEL at West Point, according to Umpire and Ace Detective JIM GALLAGHER!

March 10, 2006: The scholarships of THE WOMEN'S CLUB OF PATCHOGUE were saved from the evil speakeasy thanks to Arizona's Ace Detective MORGAN HARRIS!

March 11, 2006: It was Oscar night at THE CLARKSBURG INN in Clarksburg, New Jersey and the Ace Detective is............JASON MANION!

March 14, 2006: Trans fat can be a killer according to the CANOLA COUNCIL OF CANADA and on board THE ATLANTIS from New York Cruises, and with the help of DOW AGROSCIENCES, Ace Detective ANDY HAARSMA discovered an 82% reduction is saturated and trans fat and a 100% reduction in killers!

March 18, 2006: A link in law enforcement: BRUCE ARNOLD & MARLO GATES were married today and helping to solidify that link was Ace Detective STEVE WALDRON!

March 18, 2006: She didn't win Miss Leprechaun 2006 but at THE VIEWS AT MT FUJI, EVELYN RODRIGUEZ nailed Ace Detective!

March 24, 2006: BAE SYSTEMS is not just a company with Real Breadth, Real Performance & Real Delivery, it's a company that also has PEGGY GANCI as an Ace Detective!

March 30, 2006: There's no potential exposure for crime at GOLDMAN SACHS when the VaR (Vice-president At Risk) is really Ace Detective KISHOR GANGULY!

March 31, 2006: It's always smooth sailing at PORT WASHINGTON YACHT CLUB with Ace Detective DEMITRI DEDOUSIS at the helm!

April 1, 2006: Brother Leonard's email problems may not have been solved at ST. FRANCIS PREPATORY SCHOOL but the crime problem was resolved by Ace Detective TYESHA MERCHANT!

April 8, 2006: Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, ANDREW SCHECK is now an Ace Detective at THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point!

April 22, 2006: If you missed your high school reunion at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn and are still wondering what happened to all your old friends...Ace Detective ILONA CARUS sent them to jail!

April 26, 2006: Ensuring the highest standards of integrity, efficiency, and accountability is the job of the NEW YORK STATE INSPECTOR GENERAL'S OFFICE as well as the passion of Ace Detective LARRY HARTSTEIN!

April 27, 2006: What does "CSI" mean to the seniors at MOORE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL? Ask Ace Detective MONIQUE MONGIOVE!

April 29, 2006: Security at THE THAYER HOTEL at West Point can't be beat with Ace Detective NOHA WAIBSNAIDER on patrol!

May 5, 2006: Is he a criminal, is he a lawyer? Well at PAPA RAZZI's Sock Hop in Westbury, we found out that RONALD L. SCHOENBERG, ESQ. is an Ace Detective!

May 11, 2006: Boy they really do build strong kids, strong families and strong communities at the YMCA OF LONG ISLAND CITY, because last night at RICCARDO'S in Astoria, JESSICA GIBSON showed us what a strong kid she could be by being Ace Detective for the second year in a row!

May 12, 2006: Demonstrating true leadership at the conference for VASSAR COLLEGE'S STUDENT ASSOCIATION was Ace Detective JOHN ALAIMO!

May 19, 2006: Partying like it was 1999 at the 1980's Prom at PIER ONE in Bayville was Ace Detective Eric Smith!

May 20, 2006: The nerds may have gotten their revenge at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn but they were nailed by Ace Detective STACI GABRIELSON!

June 2, 2006: She almost graduated at RICCARDO'S in Astoria but now who cares: MARIE SOCHA is an Ace Detective!

June 17, 2006: MARTHA CONLON discovered that the best way to spend Father's Day at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn is to become an Ace Detective!

June 19, 2006: Fortunately, everyone from the Class of 2006 at COLTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL worked together as a team to solve the "America's Got Talent" crime, so we think you are all Ace Detectives!

July 7, 2006: The Revolutionary War may have been about 230 years ago but today, the British have finally left THE TOWN OF NORTH HEMPSTEAD thanks to THE DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION and with the help of Ace Detective ELAINE EDER!

July 13, 2006: Not only do the IT Managers at XL GLOBAL SERVICES have a "WBM", but with MIKE SALTIS, they now have an Ace Detective!

July 22, 2006: BILLY DIGGS knows how to handle a hose at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn and now he is an Ace Detective!

August 2, 2006: There's a new Ace Detective in town with the Latin America Equity Team at CITIGROUP GLOBAL MARKETS so watch out for VERONICA CLEMENS!

August 3, 2006: We weren't sure if she was "creating a sir" or "creating a stir" with the Customer Support Team at SONY but certainly Ace Detective KATHLEEN B. HOLDEN is like no other!

August 4, 2006: When RAUSHANAH MOREHEAD cries "Help I'm Turning 30", to the rescue comes her sister-in-law, Ace Detective MICHELLE MOREHEAD!

August 11, 2006: First he claimed he was "Dirk Diggler" but later, at PAPA RAZZI in Westbury, we discovered that VINCENT TAVELLA was really "Ace Detective"!

August 19, 2006: We found out that The Price Is Right at the summer camp party at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn so our latest Ace Detective is MICHELLE PRICE!

September 9, 2006: Happy Anniversary 100 times to SACRED HEART CHURCH of Swedesburg, PA and Happy Ace Detective 5 times to DEBBIE PIERSON, MARY WALKER, JOY GALLAGHER, BARBARA JAN FRANCISCO & TOM KESTER!

September 15, 2006: In trouble? Don't run to any of the lawyers in The Labor & Employment Law or Municipal Law Sections of THE NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION....just find 8 year old Ace Detective ADAM OLIVER!

September 16, 2006: So PIER ONE in Bayville will be closed for a while for renovations - and it's all Ace Detective LUCILLE BRIND's fault!

September 22, 2006: Goodbye Disco, goodbye THE WHITE HOUSE in Whitestone, hello Ace Detective LINDA FISHER!

September 23, 2006: It was a shame that not a dime was raised for the "Hillburn School District" at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn but MARGIE KARNICK did raise a win for Ace Detective!

September 29, 2006: He can rock it, he can roll it, he can slop and he can stroll it at the hop sponsored by THE ORANGE COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and Ace Detective JIM IAQUINTO can also solve it...at the hop!

October 6, 2006: A bride's love turns to murder at RICCARDO'S in Astoria and ELENE TSOUKALAS turns into an Ace Detective!

October 12, 2006: LAURIE SMYLA from THE TAKASAGO GROUP came up with a new fragrance...Eau Du Ace Detective!

October 20, 2006: Early election results from PAPA RAZZI in Westbury have MELISSA GODIO in the lead as Ace Detective!

October 21, 2006: At HOPE ACADEMY in Orange, Connecticut, every child deserves a little Ace Detective like MARCOS ORTIZ!

October 25, 2006: Maybe she's not a lawyer, so OK she's just a lap dancing para legal, but at TOM MCBRIENS PUB in Hampton Bays, CHRISTINA PALIOGIAMIS is also an Ace Detective!

October 28, 2006: It was no trick at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI, it was a treat to have NICOLE as our Ace Detective!

November 3, 2006: So what - Halloween was 3 days ago: at BAE SYSTEMS, AURELIA DADDURA came in disguise as an Ace Detective!

November 4, 2006: Armed with cavitrons and nitrous oxide at the Empire Conference sponsored by DENTAL HYGIENISTS' ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK and LONG ISLAND DENTAL HYGIENISTS ASSOCIATION, CONNIE LORICH was able to control her passion for massaging the feet of actor William Baldwin and become an Ace Detective!

November 18, 2006: We may be family but at the reunion at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, DOREEN KEENAN was Ace Detective!

November 25, 2006: It's no crime that STACEY JASINISKI turned 30...or that DAWN KUEZEK became a 3% Ace Detective!

November 25, 2006: It was book signing day with MARY HIGGINS CLARK and CAROL HIGGINS CLARK at THE THAYER HOTEL at West Point and Ace Detective Day for PAT LUCHTENBERG!

November 30, 2006: And at MORGAN STANLEY, Ace Detective BEN SWIRE is now rethinking retirement and may enter law enforcement!

December 2, 2006: Murder at Motzai Shabbos for BNOS MALKA ACADEMY, but Ace Detective CHERYL ECKSTEIN made a mitzvah and solved the crime!

December 6, 2006: From Yale to GS, RICK KIMBALL remains an Ace Detective!

December 8, 2006: He not only has all the keys at CENTRAL NASSAU GUIDANCE & COUNSELNG SERVICES, but now JON MEINHOLD has the Ace Detective trophy!

December 8, 2006: What if....both STUART & LORI BECK were the Ace Detectives for HARMS SOFTWARE!

December 9, 2006: And Seasons Greetings from THE THAYER HOEL at West Point to Ace Detective KATHY POWERS!


December 13, 2006: Holy Moses, or should we say ALEXIS MOSES, our new Ace Detective from MTS HEALTH PARTNERS!

December 17, 2006: It was LAURIE KLEINHAUS' birthday and we definitely were not "Overstocked.Com" with Ace Detectives, only ELIOTT Z. came close - he's our boy!

December 19, 2006: Congratulations to all our TEAM FEUD WINNERS (and Almost Winners) at RSOFT DESIGN GROUP!

December 20, 2006: Santa will be able to bring gifts in Hampton Bays thanks to TOM McBRIEN'S PUB and Ace Detectice MARIAH DUBANEVICH!

December 21, 2006: Because he feels good, looks good and gets more out of life, SCOTT DEYOUNG from UNILEVER is now an Ace Detective!


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