January 1, 2004: The new year began at PAPA RAZZI in Westbury when Ace Detective DAVID MIRCEA decided it was out with the old crimes and in with the new!

January 10, 2004: They all rocked around the clock at THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point but only J. MARTIN made Ace Detective!

January 11, 2004: At the sixteenth birthday party for AMANDA BENSOL and ELYSSA BYCK, Ace Detective JACKIE found out that the killer was also 16, beautiful and now safely behind bars!

January 16, 2004: Nothing could stop the music at The Juke Box Friday Night at The WHITE HOUSE in WHITESTONE but Ace Detective MARY ANN HARRISON almost stopped the crime!

January 23, 2004: It was Happy Birthday to the Don at RICCARDO'S in Astoria and Happy Ace Detective to MARIE FOSTER!

January 23, 2004: With the help of ENTERTAINMENT UNLIMITED and Ace Detective ANDREA SANDERS, the streets of the premier shopping destination in Nassau County are now safe!

January 24, 2004: We knew that AMERICAN REF-FUEL is the leading waste-to-energy company but who knew that FRED SCHMIDT was the leading Ace Detective!

January 31, 2004: The Mob at MT. FUJI lost a lot of Super Bowl bets with Ace Detective DAVE SCHNITEL making book!

February 7, 2004: We were your Valentine at THE THAYER HOTEL IN WEST POINT but ADDIE GUERRA was your Ace Detective!

February 8, 2004: Mazel Tov to MAX ARAD and AARON PRINCE on their Bar Mitzvah and Mazel Tov to BOBBY DAVIS on his Ace Detective!

February 14, 2004: We spent our Valentine's Day in Lansdale, Pennsylvania with MARJEANE CATERERS where we asked TOM POWERS to be our Ace Detective!

February 14, 2004: Not even a Tylenol would help the killer at RORY & JANE McNEIL's Valentine Party; not when Ace Detective CHRIS BABCOCK is around!

February 15, 2004: A perfect Sunday afternoon at PIER ONE with Ace Detective KELLY WATSON at work!

February 17, 2004: Whether it's wealth management or crime management, nobody beats Ace Detective TOM MAFFIA!

February 20, 2004: It was Mardi Gras at PAPA RAZZI in Westbury so we threw our beads at Ace Detective MELISSA GERMAIN!

February 21, 2004: We like to party, we like to boogie, at the Disco at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn - and we also like GINA CHIUSANO as our Ace Detective!

February 25, 2004: Who planted the false DNA evidence at MATTLIN MIDDLE SCHOOL? Ask our latest Ace Detectives DANIELLE SORKIN, SARAH SOBEL and LERON SOLOMAN!

February 27, 2004: The Oscar race is over at NIEDERSTEIN's in Middle Village and the winner is..............the Ace Detective team of CORA & ERNIE PALUMBO!

February 28, 2004: Otis Redding did not write a song "Sitting By The Shul By The Bay", but the killers at BAY TERRACE JEWISH CENTER are now singing a new song thanks to Ace Detectives DEBBIE SOLKOFF & STEPHEN SILVERMAN!

March 5, 2004: We finally made it back to THE BEACH CLUB in the Rockaways and just in time to catch MICHAELE CORESTTI as our Ace Detective!

March 6, 2004: More murder and mayhem at the ST. JOSEPH CHAPTER of the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS in Keyport, New Jersey but Ace Detective PETE CASSIDY now has the situation under control!

March 12, 2004: Those Irish eyes were smiling at PIER ONE in Bayville and they were smiling right on Ace Detective JOHANNA MARTIN!

March 13, 2004: And at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, the luck of the Irish was definitely with Ace Detective ELISA F. FERTIG!

March 19, 2004: Criminals are always after those lucky charms at THE WHITE HOUSE in Whitestone but our Ace Detective JACKIE LAVIN knows that solving crimes can be magically delicious!

March 20, 2004: Today SCOTT BERGMAN became a man and at his Bar Mitzvah, ANDREW PEARLSON became an Ace Detective!

March 27, 2004: We may not remember all our "classmates" at the high school reunion at THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point but we'll always remember E. T. as our Ace Detectice - even if she wants to remain anonymous!

April 14, 2004: The CIT Group at PFIZER was saying farewell to DR. JONATHAN WHITE and saying hello to their new Ace Detective JEFF NEIDHARDT!

April 14, 2004: You can cross-sell BOB MARINELLO at CITICARDS but criminals can't cross him since he's our latest Ace Detective!

April 17, 2004: Ace Detective LYNN NEGLIA not only saved the raffles, she saved the entire PTO at BERKLEY STREET SCHOOL in New Milford, NJ!

April 19, 2004: Not only do they deliver excellence in investment performance and the highest quality client service at JP MORGAN FLEMING ASSET MANAGEMENT, but Ace Detectives JOHN KOWALSKI & DAVE FUCIO also deliver excellence in crime solving!

April 24, 2004: MICHAEL HERMAN is the latest Ace Detective at THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point?.......Fuggedaboudit!

April 30, 2004: Promoting sisterhood to the highest level is the mission of THE COLLEGIATE WOMAN OF COLOR AT HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY, but solving murders is the mission of Ace Detective BIANCA MONGE!

May 1, 2004: Gangster love and marriage at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn goes together like KERRY KOSUDA and Ace Detective!

May 8, 2004: Another power of a good idea at PAYCHEX is making ARIF ZAMAN our Ace Detective!

May 10, 2004: Bringing the internet to life is the job of VERIZON DSL but bringing criminals to justice is the job of Ace Detective J. DAVID JACKSON!

May 11, 2004: At the fundraiser for PROFESSIONAL WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS, we had a shootout and a shoot thanks to Ace Detective ELIZABETH TEMIN!

May 18, 2004: He used to be known as the "studmuffin" of TRANSITIONAL SERVICES FOR NEW YORK but now FRANK MARCANTONIO is enjoying his new title of Ace Detective!

May 19, 2004: At the 64th Annual Conference of the NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATION OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERS, ART SANDERSON discovered that transportation engineering problems can only be resolved with the skills of an Ace Detective!

May 20, 2004: It wasn't a murder mystery but we just have to mention that JACQUELINE was our Whiz Kid Winner at our game show for the 2004 Junior/Senior Prom at HAWTHORNE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY!

May 22, 2004: Back at RICCARDO's in Astoria, the Don discovered that crime does not pay when Ace Detective GIANMARCO LULLO is around!

May 25, 2004: Life is a beach when you're a member of the PTSA of THE WESTHAMPTON BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT and to watch over everyone is Ace Detective STEPHANIE R. SEKONA-EDMONDS!

May 31, 2004: Music can be the food of love for the ALBUQUERQUE YOUTH SYMPHONY but cracking murder cases is the food of love for Ace Detective "RED" CHARLOTTE LANE!

June 6, 2004: It was no mystery that it was game show time at HENRY SCHEIN, INC. and congratulations to all the winners who really "kicked it up"!"

June 11, 2004: Talk about smart 4th graders at PS 153 - HELEN KELLER SCHOOL in the Bronx - OK, then let's talk about our Ace Detective Teams THE VIPERS, THE CLUES and EXTREME!

June 11, 2004: And at PAPA RAZZI in Westbury, big fat obnoxious killers are no match for Ace Detective SHANEZ SHEIKH!

June 17, 2004: It was Award Night so Hurrah for SULLIVAN - SCHEIN AT HENRY SCHEIN, INC. and Hurrah for Ace Detective PATRICE HOLMES!

June 18, 2004: Some of the 6th graders at COLTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL may have been disappointed to find out that the new substitute principal was a criminal but no one was disappointed when the COLTON CORNER KIDS were elected Ace Detectives!

June 18, 2004: Maybe the Donald got fired at NIEDERSTEIN'S in Middle Village but MYRTLE SMITH got hired as Ace Detective!

June 21, 2004: Say good bye to the Class of 2004 at WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL and hello to the school's Ace Detective JOSH NATALIE!

June 24, 2004: We all thought a wedding was the best way to celebrate the merger of J. P. MORGAN CHASE and BANK ONE but our Best Matchmakers JOE COAKLEY and BILL JENSEN knew who would be the Best Match!

July 13, 2004: You got to give them "credit" at CITI CARDS for voting the EYE SPY Team of LAUREN MESSINEO, LIZ HARTMAN, CHRISTINE SHERWOOD, NANCY GORDON & RUSSELL SCHAUB as Ace Detectives!

July 23, 2004: We love the night life, we love to boogie, at the Disco at THE BEACH CLUB in the Rockaways but we also love our Ace Detective GRACE MARINO!

July 29, 2004: Elvis may have left the building when CITI CARDS entered THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point but fortunately JOCELYN FOUNTAIN remained to become our latest Ace Detective!

August 11, 2004: The law department at ROCHE PHARMACEUTICALS is one winning team but when it comes to solving crimes, there were two winning teams of Ace Detectives: BLUE'S CLUES with Patricia, Kimberly, D. Stewart, Laura, Judy, Joy and Marta and HORSES#@* AND SPLINTERS with Brian, Jim, Melissa, Jane, Alice, Pat & Debbie!

August 13, 2004: Hot town, summer in the city, murders at THE WHITE HOUSE in Whitestone solved by Ace Detective THOMAS DALY!

August 21, 2004: Oh those summer camp days were murder at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, but things cooled down with Ace Detective MARGIE KARNICK on hand!

September 10, 2004: Turns out there was no Queen of The Stardust Ballroom at NIEDERSTEIN'S in Middle Village but there was an Ace Detective - TERRY SHANNON!

September 17, 2004: At RICCARDO'S in Astoria, Ace Detective MARIE MULLARKEY not only rocked around the clock, but solved murders too!

September 18, 2004: Killers danced their last dance at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn when Ace Detective SALLY FANE took the floor!

October 2, 2004: We'll have these moments to remember at PIER ONE in Bayville...like Ace Detective NICOLE TURCO saving the day!

October 15, 2004: No one was crowned Homecoming Queen at PAPA RAZZI in Westbury but ARIANNE REYER was crowned Ace Detective!

October 16, 2004: It's Excellence In Catholic Education at ST. HELEN SCHOOL in Howard Beach and Excellence In Crime Solving with Ace Detective MARK RECUPERO!

October 18, 2004: Of all the winning teams at AMERICAN EXPRESS, our favorite is the winning Ace Detective team of CLUELESS LEE'S WITH NO RECOGNITION consisting of LEE, SHRUTI, GULREN, JEAN & JEN!

October 19, 2004: At over 16 locations including the Bahamas, the directors at ISLE OF CAPRI CASINOS know how to please their guests with "Isle Style", but only CARMEL EVANS does it "Ace Detective" style!

October 21, 2004: He may not have won the $10,000 hole in one contest, but at THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS JOHN HUGHES COUNCIL 481 MIKE UZZI managed to sink an Ace Detective!

October 22, 2004: And MEGAN RILEY decided to "volunteer" to be Ace Detective for THE CALIFON NEW JERSEY FIRE DEPARTMENT!

October 26, 2004: You know it's a haunted Halloween at HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY when VERONICA COFFEY turns out to be Ace Detective!

October 27, 2004: When the chips are down at TERRA CHIPS, Ace Detective BETSY McGINN is there to solve crimes "colorfully"!

October 29, 2004: If there's something strange at THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point, who you gonna call....Ace Detectives AUDRA CABRIELE & ANGELO MANGANIELLO!

October 30, 2004: There's no reason to be scared at MARJEANE CATERERS in Lansdale, Pennsylvania with Ace Detective BOBBI S. ZIMMARO at your side!

October 31, 2004: Trick or Treat at the ELK STREET GRILLE in Port Jefferson where killers get tricked and we all get treated by Ace Detective BRIAN McCLAY!

November 5, 2004: There goes the judge at THE WHITE HOUSE in Whitestone but here comes the Ace Detective TAMMY PALMER!

November 6, 2004: They no longer yell "Fore" at ST. ANDREWS GOLF CLUB: they just yell for Ace Detective TOM DONOHUE!

November 8, 2004: The CIT Finance Group finally forgot about the Funding Model at PFIZER when they discovered they had an Ace Detective Model with TONI HOCEVAR!

November 8, 2004: No wonder - with all the skills he has developed with the Audit & Risk Review Group at CITIGROUP, TOM ANDERSON just had to be an Ace Detective!

November 13, 2004: With Ace Detective ALYSSA ZEFF, solving murders at THE THAYER HOTEL in West Point is just a game of inches!

November 14, 2004: Like their delicious confections, STACIE BOOSE taught us that at JUST BORN CANDYS, an Ace Detective isn't made...it's just born!

November 17, 2004: In Glen Cove, the real "Dick Tracy" cannot be found at DEASY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL or at LANDING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL because the Ace Detective is LUCY TITONE!

November 20, 2004: Tonight we not only salute our country's veterans at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn but we also salute our Ace Detective ANGELA DANIELS!

November 23, 2004: The lab test results came in from QUEST DIAGNOSTICS and it appears that JULIE RUTH is an Ace Detective!

December 3, 2004: Architecture, Planning, Interiors are the hallmarks of KENNETH PARK but now we can add "Getting Confessions" thanks to Ace Detective BADER KASSIM!

December 4, 2004: And at MERINGOFF PROPERTIES, six feet of real estate will always be available for killers with Ace Detective JUDI FLEISCH handing the negotiations!

December 4, 2004: And at MERINGOFF PROPERTIES, six feet of real estate will always be available for killers with Ace Detective JUDI FLEISCH handing the negotiations!

December 9, 2004: So the buzz at PEPPERCOM is that DEIVIS BAEZ is leaving Public Relations for Ace Detective!

December 11, 2004: When we told HARRY TERBUSH that he was our Ace Detective at THE THAYER HOTEL, he said "You Tawkin Ta Me? R You? You Tawkin To Me?"

December 12, 2004: But at COMMUNICATION RESEARCH CONSULTANTS, MARC ARNER needed a specialized telecom map to make Ace Detective!

December 15, 2004: Can you think of a better way to spend the holidays at IPSOS by holding a Game Show, where one of our favorite winning teams was the 5 Mrs. Claus' called FIELD OF DREAMS!

December 17, 2004: Organized crime just doesn't pay at PIER ONE in Bayville when Ace Detective & Dock Maker DENNIS MYERS takes over the investigation!

December 19, 2004: HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY to ALAN & NANCY HOFFMAN but Happy Ace Detective to KEVIN MITCHEL!


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