January 1, 2002: Ring out the old and bring in the new at THE WHITE HOUSE, where the new Ace Detective for 2002 is CAROL FOX!

January 18, 2002: For our first benefit show in 2002 for The Twin Towers Fund, law & order won out at RICCARDO'S thanks to Ace Detective MALERA "MEL" AVERBOJ!

January 25, 2002: Tonight we found out that the real brains behind the GLEN COVE EDUCATION FOUNDATION is Ace Detective MARIA RODRIQUEZ!

January 29, 2002: At any fine hotel managed by WATERFORD HOTEL GROUP, when criminals check in, they don't check out with Ace Detective PAULETTE KRUGER!

February 4, 2002: All over the world, you'll find full service banking for your business with CITIBUSINESS, but tonight only HUMBERTO OLAVARRIA took the "Risk" and his "Reward" is that he is now an Ace Detective!

February 8, 2002: A great way to start Mardi Gras at PAPA RAZZI in Westbury is to announce JULIE LANGE-CASTRONOVA as an Ace Detective!

February 14, 2002: Our Mystery Show for MATTLIN MIDDLE SCHOOL in Plainview was actually produced by our sister company INTERACT-INC!, and the crime was actually solved by Ace Detective T.J. WILKIN!

February 16, 2002: We had a special Valentine's show for The Twin Towers Fund at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, New York, where we asked MIKE & JULIE McLEAN to be our Valentine and our Ace Detective!

February 22, 2002: An Ace Detective solved the equipment crime at The Weeping Willow in Farmingdale, with thanks to CHEZZAM for booking us!

February 22, 2002: Hail To The Chief! Hail To Ace Detective CHRIS MEMBRENO, who solved The West Wing at NIEDERSTEIN'S where we made another donation to The Twin Towers Fund!

February 24, 2002: Well it wasn't really a mystery show - it was a game show we performed for SALON KOKOPELLI - but we love them so much that we decided to mention the winning team here - so how about a round of applause for......THE V GIRLS!

February 28, 2002: When a crime is committed against the Global Project Management Systems Analysts at PFIZER, you'll get a guaranteed response within 10 minutes from Ace Detective SIMON MESSER!

March 2, 2002: The Shul By The Bay now has an Ace Detective By The Bay - from BAY TERRACE JEWISH CENTER, we present to you DEBBIE SOLKOFF!

March 9, 2002: Hooray for Hollywood and Hooray for Ace Detective RICK CLEMENTS who, at our Hollywood Award show at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, New York, asked us to make a donation in his name to The WTC Disaster Relief Services Of The Children's Aid Society!

March 14, 2002: In addition to his Citi Smart Card, at the Finance Group at CITIBANK CREDIT CARDS, TED YANG now has an Ace Detective Card!

March 15, 2002: Beware the Ides Of March at THE ANNE HUTCHINSON SCHOOL: first it's the principal as Cupid in a tuxedo, and now it's IRIS LEILI as Ace Detective in a dress!

March 16, 2002: Cead Mil Failte - a hundred thousand welcomes - at the St. Patrick's Day Mystery Ball at PIER ONE in Bayville, but only one Ace Detective - CAROL DIGLIO, and she asked us to make a donation to The Twin Towers Fund!

April 5, 2002: Before the mob could say "I Do" at THE WHITE HOUSE, 7 year old JOEY PASSERO screamed out "I Know" and so this Ace Detective (actually his brother Michael) asked us to make a donation to The Twin Towers Fund!

April 6, 2002: Well it wasn't really a mystery show - it was one of our wedding shows WEDDING BELL BLUES that we performed for the ST. AMBROSE CHAPTER of the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - but we always give out prizes and our BEST AUTHOR went to....JACQUELYN!

April 10, 2002: No one from the CIT Group at PFIZER solved the crime, so we decided to give our Ace Detective award to NICK VENTRESCA for coming up with the worst answer; but then we found out he didn't write it so........he kept it anyway!

April 12, 2002: Happy 50 to ELI KOENIG, M.D. and congratulations to the new Nick & Nora: Ace Detectives STEVE & FAYE TANZER!

April 13, 2002: It must have been the 13th hole because no one at SOMERSET MEDICAL CENTER solved the crime, so again we decided to give our Ace Detective award to the worst answer - and MARY ANN MAZUR wrote a beauty!

April 14, 2002: On her "21st Birthday", DARLENE ADELSON picked SHEILA SMALL as her Ace Detective stating: "she can't drive but she can solve a crime"!

April 20, 2002: IRA FEIGENBAUM is 40 years old and still hasn't figured out his career, while JULIA STEINER decided to leave the poetry business and become an Ace Detective!

April 21, 2002: Now BOB SCHILLER really "rides with pride" with THE BLUE KNIGHTS LAW ENFORCEMENT MOTORCYCLE CLUB NEW YORK CHAPTER X because Bob just made Ace Detective!

April 27, 2002: ROBIN DALEY was able to predict the future, as well as the criminals, at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, New York, and as Ace Detective, asked us to make a donation to The Twin Towers Fund.

May 3, 2002: It may have been the first Catholic High School for boys in Queens, New York but the first Ace Detective for HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL was JOHN BOREK!

May 14, 2002: We audited everyone's answer from the AUDIT & RISK REVIEW GROUP OF CITIGROUP and no one got it right so we decided to give our team prize to the worst answer, which means the new Ace Detective Auditors are DOUG PETERSON, KEVIN MCCABE, PAULA BURTON, LUIS ZAPINA, ROD HERSON & RAKISH DAS!

May 31, 2002: We celebrated the NYPD at RICCARDO'S and made a donation to The WTC Disaster Relief Services Of The Children's Aid Society, courtesy of our latest Ace Detective D. PARISI!

June 1, 2002: OK so it wasn't a mystery show, it was one of our wedding shows; but we've been at NORTH CHANNEL YACHT CLUB so many times we just had to mention them here!

June 7, 2002: Not even loud gunshots could stop the winning team of THE UNDERCOVER UNDERCOVERS from solving the crime at Ace Detective KATEROSE TEITELBAUM'S 8th Birthday!

June 8, 2002: Here's to you Ace Detective CRAIG CAPOANO , who solved The Graduate crime at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, New York, and as Ace Detective, asked us to make a donation to Windows Of Hope Family Relief Fund.

June 21, 2002: So we all "rock 'n rolled" at the Mystery Sock Hop at NIEDERSTEIN'S in Middle Village, but it was no mystery that Ace Detective HEATHER PRIMOSH solved the crime and asked us to make a donation to Windows Of Hope Family Relief Fund.

June 28, 2002: The Stars were out tonight at PAPA RAZZI in Westbury, and so was Ace Detective ARLENE BOEREE who sort of solved a crime and asked us to make a donation to The Twin Towers Fund.

June 29, 2002: For his birthday, JIM WALSH was finally "ready for his close up" so he selected MIKE NORMILE as his Ace Detective!

July 19, 2002: In the criminal justice system, the police investigate the crimes and the district attorneys prosecute the offenders...but at THE WHITE HOUSE in Whitestone, Ace Detectives IRVING & BARBARA ORENSTEIN got to do both and then asked us to make a donation to The WTC Disaster Relief Services Of The Children's Aid Society.

July 29, 2002: The CFO's at CITIGROUP now have a new CAD - Chief Ace Detective BRUCE ZIMMERMAN.

August 9, 2002: How do you expect anyone from WATERFORD HOTEL GROUP to solve a crime when we're having such a great time on the Mystic River so our new Ace Detective is KELLY KLAUS because.....she had the worst answer!

August 10, 2002: It was a "good thing" when Ace Detective YEE LIM solved the insider trading crime at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, New York, and as Ace Detective, asked us to make a donation to The Twin Towers Fund.

September 20, 2002: The Mob Squad arrived at NIEDERSTEIN'S but lucky for us Ace Detective SONNIE PRIVILEGE was there to meet them and solve the crime!

September 28, 2002: It was a mad, mad, mad, mad mystery at PIER ONE in Bayville but no mystery that MELVIN ALVAREZ solved the murder and became our latest Ace Detective!

October 4, 2002: We are family but at RICCARDO'S, only KEVEN MULLARKEY is Ace Detective!

October 5, 2002: All is well at COPIAGUE FIRE DEPARTMENT, when Ace Detective RON DICKERSON is there for the rescue!

October 18, 2002: He's 59, he's beautiful and he's PAUL DEPAOLI, our latest Birthday Boy and Ace Detective from PAPA RAZZI in Westbury!

October 26, 2002: It was a Halloween Horror and a Halloween Honor that Ace Detective CHUCK ESTRO from DOWLING COLLEGE solved the murder at THE WHITE HOUSE!

October 27, 2002: Was it a trick, was it a treat or was it just Ace Detective JEANNINE MIKOWSKI who solved the Halloween Homicides at HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL!

October 30, 2002: The waters of Manhattan are safe now thanks to CITYLIGHTS CRUISES, SHIRE PHARMACEUTICAL and, of course, Ace Detective JEFF RULLIS!

October 31, 2002: A ghoulish crime at ELK STREET GRILLE in Port Jefferson, solved by the ghoulish Ace Detective SARA SCOTTO-FRIEDMAN!

Novermber 2, 2002: Congratulations to the newlyweds CORY & SHOAN CHAVIS and congratulations to the newly Ace Detective GERMINE JAMES!

Novermber 3, 2002: Happy Birthday NINA GERSHOWITZ and you will have many more thanks to Ace Detective ROSEMARY GERSHOWITZ!

November 8, 2002: And at ROMA VIEW in Howard Beach, CAROL ANN was elected Ace Detective as THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SAINTS COSMA & DAMIANO helped raise funds for various hospitals such as ST. JUDE'S CHILDREN HOSPITAL!

November 9, 2002: So maybe the bride and groom didn't live happily ever after but DOROTHY LIPTON did when she solved the crime for WORLD ARNOLD CHIARI MALFORMATION ASSOCIATION!

November 13, 2002: Of course NEWTOWN SAVINGS BANK is the bank you keep for life but JIM WHITLEY is the Ace Detective you keep for crimes!

November 16, 2002: At THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, New York, JOHN (Tony Soprano) VERGARE now rules as Ace Detective!

November 23, 2002: Criminals who visit the BELLEROSE JEWISH CENTER just can't outfox Ace Detective MICHELLE FOX!

November 27, 2002: There's a new Ace Detective at NEW CITY JEWISH CENTER and his name is MIKE FLEISHER!

November 30, 2002: It's flowers for BARRY KLEINERT on his 50th Birthday and flowers for CAROLEE BURACK, our latest Ace Detective!

December 3, 2002: They have the people, the product and the equipment at KENNEDY ELECTRIC, but now they have Ace Detective REGINA PRIEST to handle whatever criminals can throw at them!

December 6, 2002: And who advises LARCH LANE ADVISORS on crime? Why it's Ace Detective BRIDGET BURRISS!

December 7, 2002: We were on a private island and a confidentiality agreement prohibits us from mentioning names but we can say that whether it's hunting pheasants or chasing fugitives, our latest Ace Detective always gets her man, or woman, or bird or whatever!

December 9, 2002: When "You Got Criminals!", AMERICA ONLINE has Ace Detective GEORGE LIU to save the day!

December 11, 2002: The killer may have been an anonymous prospect but when the killer came to CENTRPORT, INC., justice was served by Ace Detective JOAN VITALI!

December 12, 2002: The killer may have been addicted to "Dochek", a medication only available at PHOENIX INSURANCE, but fortunately Ace Detective KEN CASWELL was there - wait a second - didn't he leave before he could accept his reward?

December 13, 2002: There was the sweet smell of murder this holiday season at MANE USA, but Ace Detective SARAH followed the "scent" and solved the crime!

December 14, 2002: It was a holiday offer that the mob could not refuse at PIER ONE in Bayville and a crime that only Ace Detective CARLA HANSON could wrap up!

December 16, 2002: With GLOBAL INVESTMENT SERVICES, the securities accounting industry is safe and secure thanks to Ace Detective JOYCE BRIDGE - and that's a M FACT!

December 17, 2002: Proudly serving the medical community in over 120 countries is HENRY SCHEIN, INC., but proudly solving crimes in over 120 square feet is Ace Detective KEVIN RYAN!

December 18, 2002: Profiling consumers is the job of IPSOS which means that profiling criminals is the job of Ace Detective GRACE BASILE!

December 18, 2002: You can't beat the husband and wife team of DAVE & ANGELA OBZUD when it comes to finding out who the real Miss PMS is at PHOENIX MARKETING SOLUTIONS!

December 19, 2002: Because the law rules at the law firm of AKIN GUMP ET AL., all bankrupt killers must face a grueling cross-examination by Ace Detective JOANNE DOUGHTY!

December 24, 2002: Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the house, only PERVEZ AHMED was stirring on his birthday, because Ace Detective TABISH RIZVI caught the killer mouse!


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