January 1, 2001: It was the "Ultimate Trip" for Ace Detective STEVEN BROWN who solved the 2001 Murder Odyssey at our special New Years Eve show at THE WHITE HOUSE!

January 11, 2001: Criminals Beware! Watch out for those foreign currency movements of Ace Detective STEPHANIE ZULUETA from CITIBANK because they helped her solve the "exchange murder" at THE CAPTAIN'S KETCH in Manhattan!

January 12, 2001: In Great Britain and in America and around the world, MANPOWER and BROOK STREET recruit top Ace Detectives like RON NAPPER who solved the TRIBECA GRILL murder in Manhattan!

January 19, 2001: We're gonna rock around the clock with BRENDAN & CHRISSY WITTEK, our Ace Detectives from the Sock Hop at RICCARDO'S!

January 21, 2001: Maybe her husband did win both Best Actor and the 50/50 raffle, but at The ST. ANDREW AVELLINO mystery in Flushing, BARBARA WHITFIELD won our Ace Detective!

January 27, 2001: Not even Harry Potter could solve the crime at ARIELLA ABADI'S Bat Mitzvah, but RIVKI SMITH could and now she's our Ace Detective!

February 2, 2001: Ace Detective CAROLYN from SYOSSET CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT joins us courtesy of ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT!

February 3, 2001: Despite rumors of a fix: yes, it is true - at the SACRED HEART SCHOOL murder mystery benefit, the principal's sister did win the Ace Detective award!

February 4, 2001: To celebrate retiring Lieutenant Governor GEORGE RIES from KIWANIS NEW YORK - QUEENS WEST DIVISION, the Kiwanian known as JOAN KOMOROVSKY decided to solve the crime and become our latest Ace Detective!

February 9, 2001: She's not only our PAPA RAZZI Valentine, she's our Ace Detective - she's CYNTHIA NACIONAL!

February 14, 2001: Again, the DNA Mystery Show for MATTLIN MIDDLE SCHOOL in Plainview was actually produced by our sister company INTERACT-INC!, but JOSH almost lost the prize because he didn't put his name down on the ballot so, as a reminder to always sign your name, JOSH is our latest Ace Detective!

February 25, 2001: A Mardi Gras Murder Mystery? The Big Easy arrived at BOOMTOWN CASINO in Biloxi, Mississippi, where KATHY MAYFIELD became the Mardi Gras Ace Detective!

March 1, 2001: Now here's a smart career move - BRIAN CHAU went from Stern Scholar Class of 2003 at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS to Ace Detective Class of 2001 at THE KILLING KOMPANY!

March 2, 2001: Get ready for Ace Detective CAROL REDDY - our latest sleuth from THE WHITE HOUSE!

March 3, 2001: The safest bet at FRANK KOWALINSKI VETERANS POST 4 is that PAT GOODSELL is their Ace Detective!

March 10, 2001: And at the ST. AMBROSE CHAPTER of the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS in College Point, JOHN BRADY was expecting twins but did he expect to be Ace Detective?

March 16, 2001: Irish eyes were smiling on JACKIE T., our latest Ace Detective from PIER ONE!

March 24, 2001: But at the SALON KOKOPELLI party, we had to make DENNIS GEYER our Ace Detective because he knew the real story of the "V***** Girls"!

March 30, 2001: They were leaning on the edge for the GBC 2001 party sponsored by THE JOHNSON GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AT CORNELL UNIVESITY at WAGNER VINEYARDS , and now STEEN, JOHN & A.J. are our latest Ace Detectives!

March 31, 2001: We have a funny feeling that someone else put her name on the winning ballot but LORRAINE STEPHEN from NORTH CHANNEL YACHT CLUB is the Ace Detective!

April 5, 2001: Back at THE CAPTAIN'S CATCH, the RMMFS Internet Group of J. P. MORGAN CHASE proved they had the "right stuff" and MAIREAD HARNETT proved she had the right answer and now she's an Ace Detective!

April 18, 2001: You knew him as "Killer" Chris Scoggins from MCNEIL CONSUMER HEALTHCARE, but after dinner at SUSANNA FOO in Philadelphia, he's now known as Ace Detective CHRIS SCOGGINS from Marketing!

April 21, 2001: One of the best ways to benefit ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL SCHOOL in College Point is to have LORNA HULETT as its Ace Detective!

April 22, 2001: We were back on board CAMELOT CRUISES with the Class of 2001 from QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW, when Ace Lawyer-To-Be JOE BARTOZZI graduated to Ace Detective!

April 27, 2001: It's "electrifying" - MR. & MRS. PIASIO are the latest Ace Detectives from NIEDERSTEIN'S!

April 28, 2001: Lucky "LALA" CONNORS was picked as our latest Ace Detective for OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS SCHOOL in Brooklyn!

May 4, 2001: Welcome Back ANNA BENETOS, our latest Ace Detective for the "High School Reunion" at RICCARDO'S in Astoria!

May 5, 2001: To support and promote women in the construction industry, REGION 12 OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION decided to celebrate on board THE QUEEN MARY in Long Beach, California and what better way to celebrate than to award our Ace Detective to the President of the San Bernardino - Riverside Chapter...Ace Detective CINDY JOHNSON!

May 9, 2001: At the Interactive Idea Exchange being sponsored by IFILMotx, he first claimed to be Saddam Hussein but then we found out he was really SEKHAR KRISHNAMOORTHY Ace Detective!

May 10, 2001: TRANSITIONAL SERVICES FOR NEW YORK, INC. is proud to announce the appointment of its new Ace Detective - HOWARD ROTHENBERG!

May 12, 2001: Scout's Honor - the Ace Detective of BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - QUEENS COUNCIL - FOUNDERS DISTRICT really is GREG HOFER!

May 17, 2001: And at the Junior/Senior Banquet for HAWTHORNE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, we realized that not only can BILL HALLIWELL faint, but he makes one great Ace Detective!

May 19, 2001: It was Bat Mitzvah Day for REBECCA KATZ, and Ace Detective day for SAMANTHA DEMBY!

May 21, 2001: SEC disclosure rules require us to report that the Ace Detective for the Corporate/Securities Department of SCHULTE ROTH & ZABEL, LLP is, in fact, JILL ARNOLD!

May 24, 2001: Many know her as the "Mad Mother" of the "Mad Poet", but at PROJECT LIVE at CHILDRENS AID SOCIETY , she is the one and only Ace Detective SHIRLEY RHYMER!

June 3, 2001: On board CAMELOT CRUISES, everyone at CURTISS-RYAN HONDA was celebrating the fact that, once again, they received the Honda's President Award but LYNN COSSETTE is now celebrating the fact that she won our Ace Detective award!

June 4, 2001: He watches a lot of TV so we're not sure if this year he'll actually be graduating from VILLA MARIA ACADEMY in the Bronx, but he also solves a lot of crimes so we are certain that ANTHONY MARINO is an Ace Detective!

June 7, 2001: Remember, when it comes to mortgages, CHAMPION MORTGAGE says YES but when it comes to Ace Detectives, LINDA BUGGS says YES!

June 8, 2001: And our first Triple Crown Winner on board CAMELOT CRUISES is Ace Detective EMILY EGAN!

June 9, 2001: So LES & CAROL ANN JOHNSON were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary by getting remarried and partying on board CAMELOT CRUISES....a murder takes place....and now "MACHO MAN" MEL RIDDLE is Ace Detective MEL RIDDLE!

June 9, 2001: And our second Triple Crown Winner on board CAMELOT CRUISES is Ace Detective DEBBIE OAKIFF!

June 15, 2001: PAPA RAZZI in Westbury has a brand new Ace Detective couple - CINDY & JAY SCOTTO-FRIEDMAN!

June 16, 2001: Congratulations to the Class of 2001 from TOURTELLOTTE MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL - THOMPSON PUBLIC SCHOOL who celebrated on board CAMELOT CRUISES, and congratulations to KRISTEN BARBOUR, our latest Ace Detective!

June 20, 2001: And congratulations to SIMI HOCH - it's her Bat Mitzvah - and she picked RAIZY ROSENBLATT as her Ace Detective!

June 21, 2001: You see the IT folks from AETNA were celebrating on board CAMELOT CRUISES because they just completed an 8-month project to integrate LCP and AIMG from the FSI to the HI because of ING - oh never mind: MIKE FOURNIER is their AD.... Ace Detective!

June 29, 2001: Forget about NYPD Blue because the Ace Detective at the NYPD Ball at NIEDERSTEIN'S is KEVIN CHUANG!

July 6, 2001: Not even the "Poison Politics" on board CAMELOT CRUISES could stop Ace Detective ANN PENNELL-CIMINI from solving the crime!

July 13, 2001: It was Murder At Temptation Island at THE WHITE HOUSE and Ace Detective BERNADETTE ROLLERI "found the one"!

July 13, 2001: And it was Murder At The Golf Course at NORTH SHORE COUNTRY CLUB in Glen Head, New York, courtesy of one our agents - Ace Detective MORE THAN MUSIC!

July 19, 2001: The good people at JAGUAR CARS are getting ready to launch the new X-Type and now they are also getting ready to launch the Ace Detective Type Team of PAUL J. STASKO, BOB ANDERSON, MIMI BARBER, MIKE FLYNN, ANIL KUMAR, TAHIR AMAN and JEFF BARR!

July 20, 2001: FBI means Federal Bureau of Investigation - right? Wrong! When you are on board CAMELOT CRUISES, sometimes FBI stands for FUNNYBONE INTERACTIVE, where JIM BLANCHARD stands for Ace Detective!

July 21, 2001: If you are looking for Quality Products and Lifetime Care on board CAMELOT CRUISES, you'll find KENDRO LABORATORY PRODUCTS, and if you are looking for Ace Detectives, you'll find KEVIN BARRY!

July 31, 2001: Interpol and the United Nations could not compete with the international finance managers of ADAMS CONFECTIONERY, a division of PFIZER, and home of the world famous Ace Detective CATHY NEMECEK!

August 4, 2001: The friends and family of CHRISTINE JEFFREYS decided to come on board CAMELOT CRUISES only to discover that, in order to pay for his wife's shopping sprees, HERBERT McMILLIAN moonlights as an Ace Detective!

August 11, 2001: Everything you want in a pharmacy can be found at PELTON'S DRUG STORE AND HOME HEALTH CARE CENTER, but when Pelton's is on board CAMELOT CRUISES, everything you want in an Ace Detective can be found at VINCENT MARINO!

August 17, 2001: Nobody does it better than CRYSTAL TIRADO, our Beach Party Ace Detective from RICCARDO'S!

August 18, 2001: Maybe MICHAEL ALIBERTI is 40 years old but it took 12 year old TRAVIS DILELLO to solve the birthday crime and be our latest Ace Detective!

August 25, 2001: One of the Grave Secrets on board CAMELOT CRUISES is that KEN POLINO is an Ace Detective!

August 25, 2001: Everyone out of the pool: It's the Connecticut Chapter of THE NATIONAL POOL & SPA INSTITUTE celebrating on board CAMELOT CRUISES, where MIKE ROMANO enjoys a hot spa as an Ace Detective!

August 26, 2001: Another Grave Secret: our crystal ball says that on board CAMELOT CRUISES, RONDA RAGHOO is an Ace Detective!

September 4, 2001: In Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming, MAMTC - MID-AMERICA MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY CENTER gives mid-America manufacturers the edge, but at the DOUBLETREE HOTEL in Overland Park, Kansas, Ace Detective BRIAN BLUMBERG is giving mid-America killers the edge!

September 8, 2001: When you go for the gold on board CAMELOT CRUISES, remember that the Ace Detective on Deck One is CHELSEY MOORE and the Ace Detective on Deck Two is GENA FORTE!

September 9, 2001: And our final olympian champion on board CAMELOT CRUISES is Ace Detective TINA REED!

September 19, 2001: According to ABBOTT LABORATORIES and BOEHRINGER-INGELHEIM, when you suffer from hypertension - you should take Micardis, but according to us, when you suffer from crime - you should take Ace Detective GRACE MENDILLO!

September 21, 2001: And at our first benefit show for The September 11th Fund of the United Way and The New York Community Trust , at NIEDERSTEIN'S, a family affair was almost turned into a criminal affair, but all was saved by Ace Detective TINA GILL!

September 28, 2001: And at our next benefit show for The September 11th Fund of the United Way and The New York Community Trust , at PIER ONE, Ace Detective LAURIE CLEMENTSON went to the Sock Hop, solved the crime and rocked around the clock!

October 11, 2001: When they see a criminal on the street, our friends at LAND ROVER and JAGUAR CARS know immediately to call on Ace Detective SHARON SKINNER!

October 12, 2001: Hurray for Hollywood! Hurray for everyone who attended our third benefit show for The September 11th Fund of the United Way and The New York Community Trust at PAPA RAZZI! And Hurray for BOB CASSIDY, the Ace Detective who solved the Hollywood crimes!

October 19, 2001: We can't tell you the name of this Ace Detective Birthday Boy we performed for (OK his initials are CR) but we can tell you that we were booked through our friends at ENTERTAINMENT UNLIMITED!

October 20, 2001: But nothing is stopping us from telling you that at Birthday Boy MICHAEL VULPIS's surprise birthday party, Ace Detective STEPHANIE suprised us all by solving the digital printer crime!

October 26, 2001: We had 3 Halloween benefit shows for The September 11th Fund of the United Way and The New York Community Trust and our first Ace Detective, hailing from THE WHITE HOUSE, was the team of BRIDGET & BERNADETTE OF CYO!

October 26, 2001: Meanwhile, at THE HARTFORD CLUB in Hartford, Connecticut, our benefit show for The September 11th Fund of the United Way and The New York Community Trust discovered that JOHN REGAN paid his dues and is now an Ace Detective!

October 27, 2001: Finally, at THE GARDEN CATHAY in Plattekill, New York, our benefit show for The September 11th Fund of the United Way and The New York Community Trust revealed that not even a haunted house can stop the sleuthing skills of Ace Detective STEFFI R. BLOOM!

November 4, 2001: Who could have painted a prettier picture? We're in Atlanta, courtesy of our friends at HUNTSMAN TIOXIDE, and all of a sudden, Ace Detective DAVID R. DALTON solves the mystery of....."the white powder"!

November 9, 2001: And for our next benefit show for The September 11th Fund of the United Way and The New York Community Trust at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn, New York, we not only celebrated America's heros at the Veterans' Ball but we also celebrated CAROL BELLOMONTE becoming our Ace Detective!

November 10, 2001: And then at the dinner sponsored by the Holy Infant Council No. 12523 of THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS in Orange, Connecticut, PEGGY BRINSMADE turned out to be the strong right Ace Detective arm of the church!

November 14, 2001: At NOVARTIS, your "Health, Care and Well Being" is assured with DON ASSMAN as your Ace Detective!

November 16, 2001: As a Princeton student, the best dining experience can only be found at the QUADRANGLE CLUB OF PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, but as a Princeton police officer, the best crime solving experience can only be found by Ace Detective CHRISTINA MESTER!

November 17, 2001: Thanksgiving is coming up and we still have so much to be thankful for this year, and at our benefit show for The September 11th Fund of the United Way and The New York Community Trust at BELLEROSE JEWISH CENTER, one thing that we can be thankful for is the sleuthing skills of Ace Detective MARSHA LeVINE!

December 8, 2001: Oops - damn computers - we lost the name of our Ace Detective from our holiday show at PIER ONE but if they ever contact us, we'll put it up right away!

December 15, 2001: Oops twice - damn computers - once more, we lost the name of our Ace Detective from our holiday show for PEPSICO BEVERAGES INTERNATIONAL but if they ever contact us, we'll put it up right away!

December 20, 2001: Oh no, not again - damn computers - you guessed it: we lost the name of our Ace Detective from our holiday show for ROTENBERG MERIL SOLOMON BERTIGER & GUTTILLA but if they ever contact us, we'll put it up right away!


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