January 12, 1998: Is this a trend? Another tie! TIM HALL and GORDON KINGSLEY from ING BARINGS were our Ace Detectives at MARYLOU'S RESTAURANT!

January 18, 1998: Well it took her three shows to do it but BONNIE SCHERTZ finally became our Ace Detective (well actually it was her son who guessed it and he only got one of the killers but that was close enough because we liked him) at our special murder mystery show for birthday boy DR. DANIEL ZEIDMAN - 30 years young!

January 20, 1998: We love the food at MARYLOU'S RESTAURANT and I guess we love KEN MARTIN too because he became our newest Ace Detective by coming up with the best (albeit boring) answer for our wild night of mayhem and murder for those wacky folks at J.J. KENNY!

January 23, 1998: It really was MURDER ON BROADWAY: the press were there (QUEENS RESIDENT and METRO TV) and all the stars; but only RITA MARTINI became our Ace Detective by figuring out there were 6 killers that night at NEIDERSTEIN'S!

February 13, 1998: Boy are they smart at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, especially that whiz CLASS OF 1999 - and JEFFREY SKAAR proved it by becoming our latest Ace Detective!

February 14, 1998: The perfect Valentine's Day gift - the Ace Detective award won by KEVIN CAVANAGH at our special Valentine's Day benefit show for PS 47 in BROAD CHANNEL!

February 21, 1998: It was MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS at WASHINGTON COLLEGE - over 2000 people in attendance - so we decided to give our Ace Detective award to TRAVIS ALLEN because he had the intelligence, the insight, the talent and the courage to hire us in the first place!

March 2, 1998: She came all the way from Detroit to help us solve this murder so let's have a round of applause for our newest Ace Detective CATHY CURRY - and how about a round for those wonderful folks at Time Inc. New Media who bring you on the "net" the one and only TIME WARNER'S PATHFINDER NETWORK

March 13, 1998: The luck of the Irish was with BILL HOLEMAN - he was our Ace Detective for "The Shamrock Murders" at THE WHITE HOUSE in Whitestone!

March 21, 1998: They each guessed one of the murderers so at the UNITED SYNAGOGUE YOUTH, RAKEVET DIVISION "all nighter" at SOUTH HUNTINGTON JEWISH CENTER, we gave the Ace Detective award to SCOTT BLUESTEIN and ARIANA RINAUDO!

April 4, 1998: At first she claimed to be a doctor, but then RANAK PANCHOLI turned out to be our Ace Detective at the "Murder At The Godfather's Funeral" at THE GONDOLA in Nutley, New Jersey!

April 17, 1998: Hey there TERESA J. PRICE - you were our Ace Detective at the gangster wedding murder mystery at THE BEACH CLUB in Rockaway Park!

April 25, 1998: You got to watch out for those quiet reserved guys like ED GANGAWARE - he turned out to be our Ace Detective at the Murder Mystery Sock Hop sponsored by those party animals at the HOLLAND TOWNSHIP FIRE DEPARTMENT.

May 9, 1998: Poor Rabbi Bentley of TEMPLE SHOLOM in Floral Park - just about everyone thought he was the killer. But only LORI KISTING figured out that not only was it the phony Rabbi (and only Lori could spell Rabbi wrong - "Rabi") but she got the right motive so she's our newest Ace Detective!

May 14, 1998: Well nobody guessed who the killer was but we still had a great time at the Bat Mitzvah of a very wonderful young lady - DANIELLE TOVA WITTMANN!

May 21, 1998: And how about a round of applause for CHRIS EVANS - not only was he the "hunka hunka burnin love" of GOLDMAN SACHS, but he was our latest Ace Detective at the Murder at Sunny East in Manhattan!

June 5, 1998: A perfect solution was handed in by DEBB BERTHOLD (a/k/a Betty Boop) and she became our perfect Ace Detective at the wedding/murder mystery at NEIDERSTEIN'S!

June 21, 1998: BEN GRIPPI made his Dad proud when he became our Ace Detective at the special Father's Day Murder Mystery show at THE GONDOLA!

July 11, 1998: And at UNION LAKE SAILING & TENNIS CLUB, our Ace Detective was the one and only LIBBY "LEFTY" ROTHFARB!

July 24, 1998: Could you believe it? Our Ace Detective at THE WHITE HOUSE wants to remain anonymous - so in keeping with her wishes, we won't mention her name - so here's her phone number: 555-7249

August 21, 1998: She was as beautiful as the beauty contestants at our Beauty Contest Murders at THE BEACH CLUB, but she was also our Ace Detective - the lovely PEGGY LEONARD!

September 23, 1998: Guess what RANDY BENJENK did? Give up? He became our Ace Detective at the Rosh Hashanah murder mystery at CONGREGATION KOL AMI in White Plains!

September 24, 1998: This was the day that ROCCO & THE ROLLERS from THE NPD GROUP became our Ace Detectives - Wow!

September 25, 1998: He shows up late at NIEDERSTEIN'S Debutante Ball and then he wins ACE DETECTIVE - what else can you say about DANNY QUESTEL!

October 3, 1998: Ah romance - because at the special benefit for THE LUTHERAN CHURCH OF ST. JOHN, the winning solution belonged to the loving couple of BARBARA JASINSKI and GARY DAVIS, our newest Ace Detectives!

October 9, 1998: Well of course there were no Ace Detectives at WEDDING BELL BLUES at PIER 92 - it wasn't a murder mystery but just one heck of a good time interactive wedding show where true love wins out!

October 10, 1998: Wow! Three - Count Them 3 - Ace Detectives at OUR LADY OF HOPE CHURCH in Middle Village (drum roll please).....CELESTE VALICKI, MICHELE FORTE and JOHN ZAMBRATTO!

October 16, 1998: He's Big! He's Bad! He's BRIAN GREER and he's our newest ACE DETECTIVE from the Sock Hop at KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS in the Rockaways!

October 17, 1998: What a day for AARON J. WALTZER - not only was it his Bar Mitzvah, not only was it his parents 16th Anniversary, but he became our ACE DETECTIVE, along with BARBARA READE and COUSIN RACHEL (another 3 way tie)!

October 20, 1998: A round of applause for those "wild and crazy" analysts at LEHMAN BROTHERS who celebrated the Financial Division's Analyst Program at HUDSON RIVER CLUB and a round of applause for our newest Ace Detectives - the winning team of MARK "LOVER BOY" LaGRATTA and ERIK "THE TIGER" UMLAUF!

October 22, 1998: And then at the year end celebration of the Financial Services Division of LOGICA, INC., held at the beautiful WATER'S EDGE, no one was even close to guessing the killer so, by the luck of the draw, we picked Ace Banking Attorney MONICA LERCHER as our Ace Detective!

October 23, 1998: And then we were off to the beautiful countryside of Southern Central Massachusetts and the beautiful campus of MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE, where the equally beautiful MOLLY COCHRAN came up with the closest answer and became our latest Ace Detective!

October 24, 1998: But at the special fund raiser for MILL NECK SERVICES FOR DEAF ADULTS, held at the WALL'S WHARF in Bayville, MIKE SHUR hit it exactly on the nose and he's now an Ace Detective!

October 25, 1998: Those campers at THE FRESH AIR FUND are a great bunch of kids, and at the Fresh Air Fund Murder Mystery Weekend held at CAMP MARIAH in Fishkill, we had two winning groups of Ace Detectices - HIDALGO LEFT UNDERCOVER and SHERLOCK HOMEGIRLS!

October 30, 1998: It was Halloween at THE WHITE HOUSE in Whitestone and our Ace Detective went to MICHELLE TROTTA!

October 31, 1998: Sometimes we do shows that are booked through booking agents so for this show, we can't announce the Ace Detective but we'll tell you about our booking agents MORE THAN MUSIC and THE NEW YORK FUN FACTORY (516 822-6400) who are Ace Detectives in our book because they hire us!

November 5, 1998: It was MARY McGONIGLE'S retirement party from LAFAYETTE HIGH SCHOOL at the BAY VIEW RESTAURANT in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn - but it was MARY MINCHILLI's day to be Ace Detective!

November 6, 1998: And on the evening of his 39th wedding anniversary, FRANK CHIERICO became our latest Ace Detective at THE GONDOLA!

November 7, 1998: Here was another show that was booked through one of our booking agents so again we can't announce the Ace Detective but we'll tell you about this booking agent FLYING FROG PRODUCTIONS who are Ace Detectives in our book because they hire us - and they do it a lot!

November 8, 1998: Once again, the campers at THE FRESH AIR FUND were just the best, and at this Second Fresh Air Fund Murder Mystery Weekend held at CAMP MARIAH in Fishkill, we had four winning groups of Ace Detectices - PSYCHO COPS, WATCH DOGZ, GHETTO DETECTIVES, and DETECTIVE'S NUMBER ONE!

November 14, 1998: OK - so we do this show for RIVER VALE VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE CORPS and the victim enters mortally stabbed, the detective asks for an ambulance...and no one moves! But it all turned out for the best and JEAN ROWE is our latest Ace Detective!

November 16, 1998: The "SAP TEAM" at SIMON AND SCHUSTER are great at working out software problems but when it comes to solving murders.....well, AMY RUETER had the best answer so she's now our latest Ace Detective!

December 7, 1998: Holiday Greetings from our latest Ace Detectives - RACHEL OVERTON and PETER ROBERTS from LaSALLE PARTNERS.

December 15, 1998: This holiday season, the National Accounts Solutions Division of NCR chose to celebrate at VICTORIAN MANOR in Woodbridge, New Jersey and we chose BARRY WEISS as our Ace Detective!

December 15, 1998: Lets hear it for JONATHAN, a new partner over at THE NEW YORK FUN FACTORY (516 822-6400), who booked us for this great party at ANTUN'S OF QUEENS VILLAGE - but no one guessed the murderer so we gave out some booby prizes!

December 18, 1998: After you check out the great web site for PEPSI, check out PATTY KELLY because she became our next Ace Detective at the Pepsi Holiday party at TAPPAN HILL in Tarrytown!

December 19, 1998: Twas the day before the wedding of MATTHEW DONAHER and VANESSA SUTTER, and all through Soho's 5 & 10 NO EXAGGERATION, not a creature guessed the killer, except for the groom - so MATTHEW, not only will you be an Ace Husband, but now you're also an Ace Detective!

December 19, 1998: This holiday show at JUMPING BROOK COUNTRY CLUB in Neptune, New Jersey was booked through FLYING FROG PRODUCTIONS and GARY from Flying Frog is our Ace Detective for being such a great guy that night!

December 31, 1998: Not only can she swing dance, but KIMBERLY KANDROS can also solve a mystery as she becomes our first Ace Detective for 1999 (and a special mention to BARBARA DZIEKONSKI) at our special New Years Eve show at THE WHITE HOUSE!


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