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Horror Holidays and Terror Trips

by Staci Layne Wilson

Edible Red Herrings

THE KILLING COMPANYThe triumphant return of Hannibal Lecter to movie screens this year has helped make eating and horror go hand-in-hand (I'll refrain from the "lady-fingers" puns) in the minds of entertainment-seekers. Now, I know that if you're reading this 'zine, you must be at least half as twisted as me, and could easily nosh sweetbreads while watching Anthony Hopkins' scenery-chewing performance in Hannibal. But if your loved ones don't necessarily like his idea of brain food, here's some food for thought -- why not take a date or the family out for a fun night of dinner theatre?

Where else can you spend an evening witnessing murders, shootings, suicides, helping solve crimes, and eating a good meal? (And don't tell me your local inner-city McDonald's. That is NOT a good meal!) If you enjoy movies like Clue, Who's Killing The Great Chefs of Europe?, and Murder By Death, mystery dinner theatre is definitely for you. The murders are tempered with belly laughs as you fill your belly, and you might even be chosen to participate while you chew on clues and present your final answer at the end of the evening -- those who guess correctly often win prizes. Private mysteries at your home or office are also available , but the price is murder. The regular dinner at show at the restaurant site is pretty painless, ranging from $35.00 to $50 per person.

A couple of the more unusual presentations can be found in the New York area (The Killing Kompany).

The Killing Kompany, based on the East Coast, travels from location to location (even on short cruises), and changes their program often. They conceal a rotating cast of professional Broadway, TV and film actors among the audience of diners, and at any time you may wind up part of the plot! And be careful -"evidence" may be planted on you, making you a suspect. Imagine yourself at a Mardi Gras party complete with music, dancing, and cocktails. The mayor of New Orleans is greeting all the guests. Also present, with a local police officer, is Commander Delacroix from New Orleans Homicide Division: they are warning audience members to watch out for Mardi Gras scams - especially one rather eccentric woman who claims to be a psychic and is reading palms and tarot cards. After the partygoers dine on their first course of food and the mayor makes an official greeting, the clairvoyant enters screaming, followed by two state troopers chasing after her. It appears that the psychic found a bag containing a severed hand, a stethoscope, some money and a note… the game is afoot. (or a hand, in this case!)

Contact Information:

Killing Kompany
(travels mostly in the New York area)
1 888 SHOOT-EM or 212 772-2590

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